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Family research stuck in Texas? We specialize in resolving Lineage, Heirship and related Genealogical / Historical issues in the City of Houston, the County of Harris, and throughout the State of Texas.

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Free Consultation! Email or post a message in the appropriate forum on either RootsWeb or GenForum.  Free consultations usually will be answered publicly.  Fee-based consultations, analysis, and research are billed per hour. You will NOT be billed unless results can be provided based on a mutually defined scope of work.

"Lost" Family Members Contacted!

- Looking for that "lost" cousin, uncle, aunt, or other family members? If they reside in Texas, locates can usually be made quickly. However, all locates are subject to personal verification, meaning you must cite your relationship to the "missing" family member, and the "missing" member will be notified of your purpose for contacting him or her. Typically, fees for locating a person start at four hours.

Heirships Determined - support for the Attorney Ad Litem. - When a person dies in Texas without a will, the law of intestate succession governs the disposition of that decedent’s estate.  When appointed by the Probate Court, the attorney ad litem must try to find any other heirs of the decedent who were not named in the Application for Heirship.  This seeks to satisfy the court that all appropriate heirs were listed legitimately in the Application. 

Obituaries from Newspapers

- As a secondary source, obituaries are a significant resource for information on next of kin and a cameo highlight of the deceased. Not all obituaries are published, however, so a search for only one obituary usually is not cost-effective. Batched along with other requests, obituary searches can be undertaken at a reasonable fee.  Before ordering, check out USGenWeb's Obituary Project.

Gravesites Verified, with a photo!

- Where is that person really buried? Gravesites can be verified and photos taken of the subject tombstone and of those buried around the subject. Before ordering, check out USGenWeb's Tombstone Transcription Project.

Probate Documents - Don't overlook a Courthouse search for probate documents. For smaller estates, a probate may not have been filed. But, if found, the associated documents are a wealth of information for locating descendants.

Land Records & Title

- What happened to that house or property? A title search can provide this information - whether purchased, sold, inherited, or devised.

Houston Peerage - Many high-profile Houston area personages have been researched, and their genealogies are readily available...ancestors and descendants.  Genealogies of the Houston Peerage can also be updated and/or constructed on-demand.  Click here for partial index.

Texas Peerage - Many high-profile Texas (and other Southern) personages have been researched, and their genealogies are readily available...ancestors and descendants. Genealogies of the Texas Peerage can also be updated and/or constructed on-demand.